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Sex Moscow

Amelia is fun loving bubbly girl who always bring a smile on her man’s face. Whenever you are feeling low; just pick up Amelia as girlfriend experience. Madrid escoltaShe will lift your spirits up by taking you to parties, markets, shopping or listen to your feelings patiently just to let it go.  Whenever you are feeling down, she can be your best friend cum lover who can fulfill your emptiness.
She is a natural brunette with slender figure, long legs and fine bosom. She mostly wear skimpy clothes for date tempting you to run your hands over her body and undress her on arriving in her apartment.
She is fond of your strong embraces and soft kisses all over her body. Her love skills mostly include whole body kissing, sensual massage and finally getting intimate through missionary or KS position.
We assure you that you won’t meet such a sweet young girl anywhere else in the city. You can book her after office hours to get rid of your daily life tension. For that, please call us or drop an email to get a date with her.
My sex story
A lonely IT executive booked me after office hours to celebrate his birthday. His name was Ruso; he was a cute guy with curly blonde hair, slim body and boasts of good height.
Forget about having girlfriend, Ruso doesn’t have friends too. He just wanted to celebrate his special day with someone.  It doesn’t matter who that someone really is. His instinct told him to go for escort girl and he chose me as his girlfriend for one night.
Moving back to story; Ruso had booked me for an evening event. He told me to wait in a café near his office. I waited and waited for 2 hours, then decided to leave. Suddenly, he arrived panting heavily in café. He apologised for late coming and told me that there was sudden work which needs to be finished on time. I ordered a coffee for him. When he was relaxed enough; he told about himself as mentioned above. I felt sympathetic a lot on listening to his sob story. And, decided to celebrate his occasion in a big grand scale manner.
I took Ruso to coolest discotheque where both of us got really close over dancing; we have some drinks there and then went back to my apartment where we make passionate love to each other.
As the apartment door was shut, I kissed him passionately to excite his passion. The guy got in motion quickly. He embraced me tightly and put me gently on the bed.
We removed each other clothes and got in our natural instinct immediately. The guy jumped on top of me and stroking my hair kissed me gently on lips. I love the way his lips move in mine. I hold him tightly in his arms in excitement. From lips, he moved to all over my body especially on my neck. He kept on kissing my neck passionately for a while. It seemed to be his favourite area. While his lips were moving all over my neck; his hands squeezed my nipples gently. Then, he fastened his lips on my soft breasts and played a lot with them. With each sexual move; Ruso confidence level was increasing. I was glad to see it. He moved further down while kissing to my stomach and navel area. Then, he made me sit on his lap, run his soft hands on my bare hands and started kissing me on my lips, neck and my bosom quite passionately. I was so much engrossed in kissing that I didn’t realize when he opened my legs and inserted his deep cock inside my vagina.
He kept pushing his cock inside me ferociously while holding me tight in his arms. I just closed my eyes and kept saying in excitement, “Please don’t, please don’t”. But, Ruso didn’t give damn about this and kept fucking me hard till he ejaculated inside my body. I too got a real orgasm after a long time. Both of us were sated with each other now and went to a deep sleep.
It was early morning when both of us woke up. He made me a coffee along with omelette toast for breakfast and thanked me a lot for having such a nice birthday gift. He told me that he would visit me again soon.
It has been more than a year when he visited me. I am waiting for his call to fuck me again. I loved so much about our date that a smile automatically comes to my face when I remember our lovely sexual encounter. It was the best sex of my life. In-fact, it was better than my boyfriend. I wish he visit me again soon.